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Vargas Print Studio is providing clients with specific and tailored services according to their needs. We serve individuals at all levels, from emerging artists to art collectors.



Vargas works with emerging and seasoned artists. Vargas helps artists, not only to print their editions, but also can advice according to specific career questions, paths, choices. With experience on the field and as an expert in contemporary art, Vargas can share knowledge and provide insigths, guide artists to events, art galleries, art fairs and analyze the art scene, depending on the social and cultural context. Vargas can promote dialogue and connect artists to a variety of conceptual approaches by visually analyzing not only artists artwork, but their connection with art history.

VPS offers:

- Discovery interviews to assess their goals and aesthetic;

- Tailored counselling;

- Catalogue content and writing.

INDIVIDUAL Art Collectors

Vargas Print Studio (VPS) can work with new or seasoned art collectors. VPS helps to build art collections that are relevant, meaningful and with financial value gain over time. With an expertise in contemporary art and art history, VPS can provide an impartial approach in a suggestion for art purchase. VPS researches and analyzes the market, from galleries to private dealers or directly with the artists. VPS has an network that spans gallery owners, artists, curators, directors and specialists. By sharing knowledge, VPS can guide the clients to art galleries, art fairs, and artists studios, providing a dialogue that empowers the clients options with a more clear viewpoint on the art market.


VPS offers:

- Discovery interviews to assess their goals and aesthetic;

- Coordination of special access to galleries, art fair previews, viewings and artists’ studios;

- Installation, curation and rotation of art collections in our clients’ homes or offices;

- Documentation and collection management;

- Sales.


- Art consulting;

- Exhibition Curation;

- Catalogue content and writing.

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