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The main aim is to support professional artists and creatives to work, research and experiment in a multidisciplinary environment where design, sculpture, performance art, art history, art critic and printmaking meets. Focusing on providing specialist printmaking equipment and expertise in printmaking, fine arts and contemporary art, Vargas Print Studio is looking to bring a higher level of print knowledge in the region of Helsinki.

Artists with or without printmaking experience, are provided with open and accessible printmaking facilities, affordable studio spaces and guidance. Vargas Print Studio also runs a regular programme of specialist printmaking courses and other related activities exploring new models for non-commercial printing, including workshops for complete beginners. Teaching is in small groups is supportive, friendly and tailored to individual needs and interests. Welcome to the most comprehensive studio in Helsinki!

In summary, the main objectives of Vargas Print Studio are to:

- Support printmaking in all its forms, from traditional fine art printing to innovative new techniques;


- Support the creative sector in Helsinki through the provision of facilities, artists' studios and professional development activities;

- Provide a varied education, training programme and open access workshops targeted at professional and artists in their beginning, universities, young people and recreational users;

- Promote printmaking and other visual art forms through regular activities, such as open studios, art exhibitions, seminars, happenings, or artists’ talks and discussions.


Vargas Print Studio was founded in May 2019 from the need to expand Vargas's printing space and possibilities for maintaining a professional artistic activity in Finland by promoting professional guidance, knowledge sharing through workshops and related events.

With over 15 years of teaching experience of delivering printmaking courses, workshops and activities, Vargas wishes to maintain awareness of the qualities of traditional printing on contemporary art and its rules of conduct, such as honouring a hand pulled print, limited edition and personal hand touch on the artwork aesthetic qualities and fine art editioning.

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Rita Vargas

Born in Portugal (Évora, 1981), Rita Vargas is a professional visual artist, visual arts teacher and a doctor of philosophy in Art History, with expertise on Artists-in-Residence and Contemporary Art. Vargas has lived and worked as a professional artist in Portugal, Finland, Japan, Germany, U.K. and Azores Islands.


Besides curating activities, Vargas delivers also courses, seminars and talks at different Universities, Art Museums in Finland and abroad. Vargas is living and working in Finland for about 15 years and moved from Jyväskylä, where she worked as a freelance artist in Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre to Helsinki in 2019, in order to open a printmaking studio.


Vargas is working mainly with printmaking media, light, art installations, and stone sculpture, however, if there is some time left, also curates and writes about contemporary from around the world, with special focus on Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish culture.

For more detailed information on Vargas academic activities and professional background, visit the links:

PhD Art History - International artists-in-residence 1990 - 2010: mobility, technology and identity in everyday art practices





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