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How it works

To print as a professional artist:

If you wish to use the facilites with your own screens, please read the price list on the section (printing equipment). Inks, coating and large size exposure is billed separately (25€ p/each coating & exposure).

To Learn: 

If you wish to experiment and learn how to make a silkscreen print, please ask for 1-2-1 private lesson (8-10h, 320€ with all materials included).

Start Pack:

If you wish to buy a startpack with induction class included, its 450€ p/ person (including 8-10h induction and pre-printing materials such as special ink, photographic emoulsion and uv exposure). 


The startpack includes the purchase of your own screen (#120 mesh), 1 transparent paper, 1 printing paper 70 x 100cm fabriano rosapina 220g/m2, 100g of silkscreen ink, 1 small squeegee, 1 tesa tape.

These materials will stay with you and you are ready to print anytime you wish! You just have to schedule your printing time at Vargas Print Studio and you do not need to go through induction session anymore - just go straight to the printing!


Note that the lifetime of the screen depends on its correct use, protection and maintenance.

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